Intro #1

Hello all! Just a quick introduction to half of our blog.  My name is Stephanie and I am a thirty something mother to three girls.  This blog is the brainchild of my youngest sister Meredith and me.  We love anything beauty related, so on a whim we decided to create our own blog as a way to chronicle our hobby.

I love any and all nail polish.  My issue is just finding time to actually sit down and do them! I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to makeup.  I love it all and am always trying to stay on top of the newest trends, but doing my makeup every day is daunting.  I work in retail, so when I go to work I like to try and make myself presentable.

I am currently addicted to subscription boxes, so keep an eye out for monthly birchbox and ipsy reviews.  I also love a nightly LUSH bath.  My biggest fear is running out of bath bombs.

I look forward to all the fun this blog has to bring!





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