S-A Few of my Favorite Things

So I thought I would make a post about some of the products I am totally crushing on at the moment.

 photo 3

photo 5

Black Pearl shower gel from LUSH Cosmetics.  You will definitely notice a lot of LUSH on my favorites list.  I would say 90% of my bodycare is LUSH.  I have been using their products since 2005 and I love the fresh, innovative and fun products they offer.

Recently, LUSH UK launched a new venture called LUSH Kitchen, where they offer exclusive and retro products daily.  Earlier this month I saw that they were offering Black Pearl shower gel and I very nearly lost my mind.  Black Pearl bath bomb was one of my holy grail products, so when it was discontinued I was super sad.  The shower gel is just as amazing as the bath bomb.  Chamomile and lavender are the predominant notes, so it is a very soothing, herbal scent.  The cool thing is the blackish ray color though.  There is an iridescent shimmer to the gel that makes it so beautiful.

photo 1


photo 3(1)

Next up we have Lynnderella nail polish in Elf Love.  I got this as a gift from M for Christmas one year. I am loving all the Lynnderella polishes but I am sort of cheap, so I haven’t splurged on any for myself.  They are so fun though and I think the packaging is adorable!

Elf Love is a glitter topcoat that has micro fuchsia glitter with bigger pieces of white, turquoise and fuchsia glitter.  I have it paired on top of a purple polish that I think is from Urban Outfitters but it is completely label-less, so your guess is as good as mine.

 photo 2

Lastly, I recently cashed in some of my Birchbox points for a Pixi tinted lip balm.  I have seen the Pixi brand around a lot but hadn’t had the chance to purchase anything.  I am a sucker for any type of hydrating, tinted lip balm.  I could never have enough.  This one wore really well and although it went on as more of a pastel color, it wore into a deeper pink stain, which I LOVE.

My only issue with it is it shows imperfections easily, so I have to make sure to exfoliate my lips prior to application.  That’s pretty much par for the course for any lip product though.

What are your current favorites? Any new brands you’ve tried recently that you want to suggest?



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