Lush Kitchen: Calacas Shower Gel

imageThis scent is awesome, I don’t know why Lush hasn’t made more permanent products that share this scent. I first had the shower jelly, and then my mom got me the perfume for Christmas one year. I’ve since used up both of those and hadn’t come across anything from Lush that smelled like Calacas, until now!

I originally missed out on Calacas when it popped up on the kitchen, but I was able to snag one off Ebay! I barely want to use it up because I don’t know when I will have the chance to get it again. 

I am a big fan of fruity and citrus scents, and this one is super citrus-y! It smells like lemon lime candies and lime Jell-O- amazing! The scent is perfect for waking you up in the morning, and slightly lingers on your skin after you’re out of the shower. If you like citrus scents, and you come across this shower gel, I suggest you snatch it up! 



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