Review: Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag and Summer Mix Tape Collection


I am super excited to have discovered a new to me nail polish company! Rainbow Honey polish is vegan and 3 free and they release some really fun collections. The most recent one, released earlier this summer, is the Summer Mixtape collection. It includes 12 creme, shimmer and glitter polishes.

Now one thing about me is that I am a sucker for collections and limited edition products. It is a sure fire way to get me to purchase a product. And the Rainbow Honey collections are so fun and unique!

I knew immediately that I wanted Best Friend, a glitter topper with a lot of fun shapes! It has multi colored stars, triangles and circles and also very subtle purple shimmer. So far, I have used it as an accent nail over Essie’s Play Date, but I think I will polish every nail with it after my kids go to sleep tonight. It is just as fun and funky as I hoped!


Next, I got the July Mystery Bag. For those of you that are subscription box junkies, this is right up your alley! For $10, you get a surprise bag of three mini polishes and three products. There is also a mystery bag for $25. I believe the only difference is that the three polishes are full size. Considering the polishes are $10 a piece, this is a great value!

I already knew what was in the July bag because I had peeked at spoilers. I was super excited though! I can never get through a full size polish, so I like the idea of being able to get three small sizes. And the nice thing about the Rainbow Honey bags is that they are not a subscription service, so you can purchase whenever you want instead if automatically being charged every month.


The three products included were a roll on perfume, a cuticle balm and a cooling gel, all in the Midori scent. The scent is described as a fruity summer scent, which is apt. It is a little too sweet and fruity for me, so I gave the roll on perfume to M who LOVES it. I am guessing the cooling gel is just like an aloe gel. Nice for summer and it is a very portable size, so I am sure it will come in handy. I have used the cuticle balm a few times as well and again, I like the size and portability. I will put it in my purse.


I loved all three polishes in my mystery bag. From right to left, Chemical Plant, Viridia and Deep Heart Sea.

Now I just need to make a disclaimer. I suck at taking good pictures of my polish. These are especially crappy because I can only paint my nails after my toddler goes to bed. Otherwise she would be all over it. And my nine week old is fussy every single night at that time, so I am usually painting my nails with a baby attached to me!

Anyway, first up I tried Chemical Plant, which is a pink polish with gold and purple shimmer.


I was most excited to try this one after seeing pictures of other blogger’s nails. It appealed to me because I could tell it would be opaque and I loved the shimmer.

It was just as gorgeous on as I has hoped but the formula was a bit off for me. By the time I got to my second hand, the polish was getting goopy, which made it super difficult to apply. I am not the fastest polisher but I have never had that happen before, so that was a bummer. The polish also started chipping pretty badly after two days, even with a base and topcoat, so even though I love the color, I will probably only use this for accent nails.

The other two colors I swatched for the purpose of this review. I didn’t realize until later that the pictures I took were really crappy. Sorry!

Anyway, Viridia is more of a clear, shimmery topper with neon stars and circles. I swatched it alone and over Ciate apple and custard, which is almost like a mint green. I absolutely love Viridia and I will get a lot of use out of it. It was my favorite from the mystery bag.



The Blue Heart Sea is a sheer blue with multi colored hexagons, squares and circles. The blue builds up enough color that you can wear it alone. In my picture, I have it over the Ciate polish on my ring finger and alone on my pinky. In the future, I will just wear it alone. I like how easy it is to use and how forgiving too!

Overall, I am super pleased with my Rainbow Honey purchase and I will definitely order from them again in the future.

Have you used Rainbow Honey before?



One thought on “Review: Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag and Summer Mix Tape Collection

  1. I just discovered Rainbow Honey too, and I loved the July bag! Chemical Plant was actually my favorite because the others kind of gooped up on me right away 😦 I just got charged for August so I’m excited to see what they’re rolling out next!


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