Beauty Haul 8-1-14


Recently, my parents went on a business trip to a resort called the Greenbrier, in West Virginia. My mom spent some time at their spa and was super generous enough to bring back some goodies for me to try. All products are completely new to me and I am thrilled to try them!


I am most excited about this product, YuBe Foaming Skin Polish. It has rice bran, bamboo, ginger root, ginseng, green tea and camphor and is meant to balance and soothe skin while exfoliating. I love a good scrub and I exfoliate every shower because I have those stubborn tiny bumps on my upper arms that refuse to go away completely. I like that this is a combination face and body scrub, and I noticed that this line is sold at Sephora so that is a plus as well!


Naked Princess naked shine luscious lip gloss in barely naked. According to the package, this has infusions of Shea butter, sweet almond oil, Moroccan vanilla and antioxidants “for radiance and shine”. It also has peptide to plump lips. It claims that “lips begin to look younger, smoother and fuller within five days”. I don’t know about that, because I just used it for the first time, but it was instant love because the gloss went on smoothly with no tackiness. I do feel a slight tingling sensation, but it is barely noticeable. I could see this becoming a favorite product.


She also loaded me up with nail polish. The Brilliance Top Effect Kit includes a regular Sparitual polish in magnify, which is a perky bubblegum pink, along with the Brilliance Top Effect top coat, which has a blue/ green iridescent hue.

I also got two separate Sparitual polishes in Imagination and Thunder Road. Imagination is a gorgeous burgundy color with blue iridescence and Thunder Road is a muted purple/mauve.

I haven’t heard of this brand, so I look forward to trying everything!


Lastly, I got some samples. The LipSmart Ultra Hydrating Lip Treatment Moisturizer and Volumizer is something I will use ASAP. I am always licking my lips and picking at them, so they get dry and chapped all the time. If I find something that combats that, it becomes a holy grail product.

The other two samples are body lotions, which I am bad about using. I am trying to be better though! The purple one is Thymes Lavender Body Lotion, which I will probably save for bedtime on a stressful day. I am a lavender fanatic, so if it smells like true lavender and not synthetic, I will enjoy it. The other lotion is Garden of Alchemy’s Rosemary Sage Body Soufflé. “Freshly snipped hawthorn leaves are muddled with purple clary sage petals and sprigs of cool rosemary on a tonic bed of birchwood, cedar and crystal amber, their resin warmed by the noonday sun.” That is quite the description. We’ll see if the product lives up to it!

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? What did you think?



2 thoughts on “Beauty Haul 8-1-14

  1. I received a sample of the Naked Princess gloss (same shade!) in a birchbox from forever ago and I’ve been working through it. It’s one of my favorite lip glosses and you know for me, that’s saying a lot. I am going to be buying a full size with my Birchbox points!

    SpaRitual is Orly’s “salon/expensive” brand. You may see some colors in Orly’s line that are also in SpaRitual’s line. (Go with the Orly if you’re torn between the two – they’re cheaper and you get more for your money!) The formulas are usually really nice and I really like the bottle shapes.


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