At Home Meme Box Review


I am so excited to have gotten my first Meme Box! For those of you unfamiliar with Meme Box, it is a company that provides boxes full of Korean beauty products. Many of the products are interesting and unlike anything available in the states, and they have fun themes as well. They are not a monthly subscription box, so you can pick and choose which boxes to purchase. Check out their website here.


I chose the ‘At Home’ box, partially because it looked interesting and partially because it had an early ship date! Many of the boxes don’t ship until months after you order, which is difficult for me because I like instant gratification! This is a superbox, meaning all the products are full size, and it’s contents are meant to be pampering for a night of luxury at home.


The first product was listed as a spoiler on the site prior to the release. Oseque Silk Foot Peeling retails for $42 and is a peeling gel that purports to get rid of calluses as well as nourish dried out skin.

I was so excited for this product. The sides of my big toes are very dry and callused, so I immediately whipped this out for an at home pedicure. The instructions said to use a callus scraper with it, but I didn’t have one on hand, so I used a wash cloth. No bueno. It did absolutely nothing. I am super bummed but I will grab a callus scraper next time I am at CVS, if I remember and if they have them. I am a little irritated that the box didn’t include one. Hopefully it works next time, because at $42, it already makes up the cost of the box!


Cotterang Blackhead & Black Mask Economic Kit is a pore cleaning multi kit for your chin and nose. It comes with a little Petri dish, where you spray a nose or chin sheet with what is called ‘black-out sauce’, then you apply the sheet to your chosen body part and wait twenty minutes for it to do its magic. Upon removal, there are little black Qtips to wipe away the sebum. There is also a little eyehole on the bottom of each Qtip to extract stubborn blackheads.

I applied one of these to my nose and was surprised to see how well it worked. I didn’t even need to use the little extractor because the solution dissolved my blackheads. Even my husband commented that he could see a difference. I will definitely use these once every few weeks so get a good, deep clean. This kit retails for $29.


CNKCOS Sexy Beans are a non stimulating formula with soy bean, corn, centella asiatica extracts (whatever the heck that may be) and caffeine that are meant to slim you down. You crush and lather a bean and then rub it on the body part you want to slim.

This was the other product spoiled on the Meme Box site. I have seen a lot of people that are upset with this product, and I admit I almost didn’t buy the box because this particular product seems silly. I have had two babies in the past two years though, and I am trying to get the baby weight off. There are certain parts of my body I would like to change, so I thought Hell, what’s the harm in trying?! I haven’t actually tried these yet, but I definitely plan on using them on my stomach and thighs! This product retails for $17.


LabStory V Line B-Tox Lifting Mask is a silicone mask that you wear over your chin. It fastens over the top of your head with little buckled straps and is meant to “lift up” the fine lines around your neck and chin.

Um ok. This is the one product I am pretty disappointed in. It looks ridiculous and seems totally worthless. I wish they would have just included a face mask instead, as I was sure a box entitled ‘At Home’ would include an actual mask. I will try this just to be a good sport, but I will have to make sure no one sees me using it because I am sure I will never hear the end of it! This product retails for $34.


withshyan Ruby Pusher and Eraser is meant to remove the “loose skin” underneath your cuticles in order to keep your hands and nails clean and healthy. You apply the eraser liquid onto your cuticles and wash off after 30-60 seconds. Then you use the little wand thingie, aka the ruby pusher, to scrape out the skin under your cuticles.

I went ahead and did those before I painted my nails. I am kind of a freak about my cuticles, and I am always trimming them. It gives me a lot of satisfaction! It had been almost a week since I had clipped them, so I followed the directions and, lo and behold, I apparently did have some “loose skin” under my cuticles. It was very gratifying to dig that out! The strange thing is the eraser didn’t affect my cuticles at all. I will probably use this once a month or less, depending on whether I have the time. It retails for $17.


Lastly, we have the Cool Dr Scalp and Hot Speed Manicure. The former as a scalp treatment that cools down the temperature of your scalp to reduce hair loss. Apply it to the scalp and then (I assume) wash it out. The Hot Speed Manicure penetrates the hair cuticle nourish and strengthen hair. The little info card says to apply it to your ends and that you do not need to rinse it out, however the website says to apply to the scalp, so who knows.

I haven’t tried these yet but I love hair masks, so I definitely will. I am anxious to see how cooling the one mask is on my scalp, because I love that feeling and it is a great way to cool down during these hot summer months! Together, these retail for $11.

Overall, I am so excited about my first Meme Box. It has a retail value of $150, which is a great value, considering the box was $32 plus shipping. I do wish that there had been an actual face mask included, but I will at least try all the products!

Did you receive those box? What did you think of the contents?



4 thoughts on “At Home Meme Box Review

  1. I loved this whole review:) The feet pictured on the foot peel made me laugh. And the chin strap contraption did as well…and the sexy beans…


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