I was first introduced to NCLA by one of my sisters, E. She had gotten S a couple different nail wraps for her birthday one year and as soon as she opened them up, S, E, our other sister, A, and myself all tried them on! Not sure how S felt about that, but I loved the wraps!

NCLA has a ton of awesome wrap designs and polishes as well, check them out here. What I love about them is that they are constantly coming out with new products, so I never get bored! They also came up with the coolest app ever called myNCLA where you can design your own nail wraps!

photo 2

I went to a cousin’s wedding this past weekend and wanted fun nails for the occasion. I figured pairing a polish and nail wrap could be the way to go. Anyway, So I went with this glittery polish called Bullion in a Bottle. It is metallic gold with two different sizes of multi colored hex glitter. I’m not usually into gold polish but this one is special, and fun to look at! As for the wraps, I got a set called M.E.O.W. They were a must have for me because I have a small obsession with cats.
Anyway, the polish applied fairly well for a glitter polish, great coverage, two coats, and was just slightly chunky when I applied it- but overall it was an easy formula to work with. Finished them off with Sally Hansen Quick Dry- two coats, and came out with a smooth and glossy finish!

photo 1photo 2photo 3
The nail wraps on the other hand were a bit difficult. I prefer to keep my nails relatively short as you might have noticed in some of my earlier posts. Something about the feeling of my nails being longer than my finger tips just gives me the creeps.. This specific wrap just wasn’t going to work for me at my current length so I was unable to wear them. I am working on growing them out a little so I can wear these kitties!

Have you ever tried any of NCLA’s products? What are your thoughts on nail wraps?

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