LUSH Releases New “Self Preserving” Products


Last week, LUSH Cosmetics NA released three of their best selling products in a new, self preserving formula. The idea of self preserving is to take natural ingredients that have preserving qualities (think salt, glycerine, honey, etc) and layering then in a way that allows the product to preserve itself without the need of synthetic preservatives.

LUSH already offers many unpreserved products, however the method of self preserving is something new and revolutionary. LUSH currently has patents pending.

The self preserving products are currently offered in addition to their original counterparts, so customers can choose which formula they prefer. According to LUSH, the effects of the products are the same as the originals. I have had the opportunity to try all three of the self preserving products-Ocean Salt, Mask of Magnaminty and Dream Cream-so I will share my thoughts!


Dream Cream is a soothing hand and body lotion with oat milk and lavender to calm the skin. It is AMAZING. Hands down my favorite lotion from LUSH. I love the scent and while it is a more moisturizing lotion, it sinks in quickly so as not to feel greasy.

As far as the self preserving Dream Cream, this smelled, looked and felt the most like the original of the three. In scanning the product labels, it looks like they have the same ingredients, minus the synthetic preservatives obviously, however they are in a different order in the self preserving formula.

The self preserving formula ended up feeling a little greasy on me and the scent faded to a straight cocoa butter scent, so my personal preference is the original Dream Cream. Apparently it took 98 different attempts to create the self preserving product though, and it is certainly worthy in its own right!


I love LUSH masks, but I consider Mask of Magnaminty my overall favorite. It soothes and tingles and I love that it looks and smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream! The self preserved MoM has honey as the first ingredient, so that creates a stickier feel. The self preserving formula also felt more exfoliating but smelled less minty and felt less tingly.

Upon removing the mask, my face felt no different than had I used the original formula, so as LUSH said, the effects really are the same. I still plan on sticking with the original MoM though because I prefer the scent and feel of it.


Ocean Salt, one of my Holy Grail beauty products. It is a face and body scrub full of sea salt to exfoliate. There is also the citrus to brighten and some vodka in there as well to tone. The interesting thing about the self preserving Ocean Salt is that LUSH removed the lanolin and added Japan wax and silken tofu, making it a vegan ingredient as well.

One if my favorite ways to use Ocean Salt is to slather my face with Ultrabland (one of LUSH’s oil based cleansers) and then scrub it off with Ocean Salt. This combination leaves my skin so silky smooth but lightly moisturizer at the same time. So I was pleased to see that the self preserving Ocean Salt has a creamier consistency, almost like it already has Ultrabland mixed in. Once applied to the skin, it definitely felt creamier than the original Ocean Salt, as well as a little less exfoliating. The salt seems a little finer but nothing that is too noticeable. My biggest and really only issue with the self preserving formula is the scent. It is a little bitter and not as fresh as the original Ocean Salt. So again, I prefer the original but I do see myself buying the self preserving formula on occasion just for a change because it is just as amazing.

Now that I have tried all three products, I realized that scent is a big deal to me. A lot of times it turns out to be what I value most in a product, as silly as that may sound. I think it is awesome that LUSH has offered these three products as an alternative to customers and while I can’t say any of these have taken the place of the original three products for me, I do appreciate having that option!

Have you tried any of LUSH’s self preserving products? Thoughts?


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