M’s August Birchbox!

I’m always looking forward to my next Birchbox, I love the surprise of not knowing what I’m going to get (I don’t peek at the spoilers!) It’s kind of like Christmas except when I was a lot younger I definitely wanted to peek at my presents..After some years of maturing I’ve been able to hold back and enjoy the mystery!

The first item on the list is the Catherine Malandrino Fragrance. When you first sign you are asked how often you’d like to receive perfumes, and you are not allowed to opt out completely. I have a hard time finding a perfume I can wear everyday, maybe because I need a different scent for every mood, or because I get sick of them easily- not quite sure. Anyway, I chose to receive perfume sparingly. I guess I would rather receive skincare and makeup over perfume. Sorry for going off on that tangent. Anyway, the description of this perfume definitely sounds appealing  to me. I am a fan of fruity scents! I liked the scent at first, but as it settled into my skin, I felt like it wasn’t as light and summery as it started out and became heavier and mature smelling on me. The scent also lingers for awhile after, I showered a few hours after and could still smell it on me. What I do like about perfumes is that once scent could smell on way on me and entirely different on somebody else because of our different body chemistry. So, even though this perfume isn’t for me, it could definitely be a good fit for somebody else!

Next up is the Marcelle BB Cream. I am always looking for products to even out my skin tone and make my face look flawless. I’ve tried many different brands from drug stores to department stores, and this one is definitely a great product! It goes on smoothly and provides full coverage. I have splotchy skin and this cream was able to blend in well and give me a flawless and glowing face! This is one of the first product’s I’ve received in my Birchbox that I would consider buying a full size.

The third product I received was Long-Wear Eyeliner from Noir Cosmetics. Back when I was in High School I would wear eyeliner most days, and even through College as well. I don’t know what happened to my eyes since then but they have become super sensitive and the only think that doesn’t bother them is mascara. My eyes will become irritated and turn bright red. I’m not sure if eyeliner and eye-shadow will flake off in tiny chunks and get into my eyes and that’s what causes it, but I end up looking like I’m turning into a vampire from the TV Show The Strain- if you’re not familiar with it, trust me it is not a good look. Despite my vampire eyes, I decided to give this eyeliner a go over the weekend. This is an eyeliner pencil which I feel can be easier to control than liquid eyeliner but lacks the preciseness liquid eyeliner provides. It’s went on dark and opaque in one stroke, not patchy at all and stayed that way too. Luckily I bought eye-drops out with me too, so all in all I think it worked out well!

I received the Happiness Inducing Body Wash from Not Soap, Radio. Here’s another that I would consider buying a full size of! This smell is amazing, like I said earlier, I adore fruity scents and that is exactly what this is! It is crisp, lemony, and I can definitely see how this would put someone in a good mood. It reminds me of a bubbly lemon cocktail in summer time, seriously, how could that not cheer you up? What makes this Shower Gel even better is that the scent sticks with you well after you get out of the shower! I find not many products do that, so to find a scent you love that lingers on your skin as well? That’s just amazing!

The last thing that made me love this product was the description on the back of the bottle, I don’t know about you but I know I definitely wanted to bitch-slap my boyfriend the other morning when I found out he bought whole bean coffee when we don’t have a grinder.. Thank the heavens for this shower gel was able to help me recover from that mood!

Last on the list is SeaRx Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion.  I am constantly trying different moisturizers to see which gives me the best results. This can be used on the face as well as body but the sample is small so I decided to stick with using it on my face. It has a subtle yet enjoyable grapefruit-y scent to it. I have been alternated between using this before I go to sleep at night, and before I apply my makeup in the morning. I have not noticed and huge changes to my skin since using this product. 

All in all it was a good month! My boyfriend was intrigued by the whole idea so we signed him up for a one month subscription to see if he likes it. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Are any of you Birchbox subscribers? Did you get anything you love in your Birchbox this month?



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