Meme Shop Haul!


I went a little crazy on the Memebox site recently. Most people order their Memeboxes, which are fun, themed boxes that are curated with a bunch of surprise goodies inside. However, Memebox does sell single items in their Memeshop, so if there is a product that you discovered in one of their boxes that you can’t live without, definitely check there. The shipping can be a bit pricy, and you don’t get as good of a price on the products as you do in their boxes, so a lot of the time you can find Korean beauty products cheaper on other sites. All of these items were on sale, which is why I took the plunge.


Butter Cream Lip Mask in Vanilla and Cacao. It retails on the Memebox site for $14 but I got it on sale for $7.

I have an issue with flaky lips. It’s bad enough that I usually resort to using a wet washcloth to exfoliate because typical lip scrubs don’t work for me. I was excited to see this and hopeful that it would combat the issue.

I have used it twice so far and it is softening to the lips. It also seems to clear up some of the flakiness, so I can see why Memebox also offers it in a kit with the complimenting lip scrub. Scrubbing your lips after using the mask would get all the loose skin off. I am hoping that I will see dramatic results once I starts using this daily.

It smells amazing, like vanilla buttercream, and all you do is leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wipe it off.


Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling. I paid $8 for this and it is currently $12 on the Memebox site.

Ok, so this is one of the weirdest things ever. There are two packets of liquid and a pair of plastic booties. You dump a packet in each bootie and wear them for an hour and a half. Then wash your feet and wait 4-5 days. Your feet will peel and reveal baby soft skin underneath.

As soon as I saw reviews of these (and pictures), I knew I had to try this. I had hoped that the foot peeling gel in the At Home box would have a similar effect but it was too mild for me, so I ordered this. I bought this particular brand because it was on sale but there are a ton of Korean companies that make this stuff, including Tony Moly.

I have them on right now and I have a feeling an hour and a half will seem like eternity. It is not uncomfortable but it feels like I am wearing two plastic Kroger bags filled with water on my feet. I feel a slight tingling/warming sensation too. I just pray that my two year old doesn’t wake up from her nap before my time is up!


Pure Bubble and Gelee Labo face masks. Both of these sell in five packs through the Memebox site for $5. I got each pack for $3.

I love face masks. Oftentimes I use one every night. The pure bubble masks intrigued me because they are carbonated, which apparently aids in circulation and softens skin. The Gelee masks look like marmalade and hydrate the skin as well. Plus they come in cute little packs shaped like a bear.

I haven’t tried the Gelee masks yet but holy crap, the pure bubble ones are amazing. It goes on like a clear gel but then foams up and you can feel a tiny popping sensation. I would definitely order more of these!


Coco Pure Easy & Steam Hair Pack. This retails on the Memebox site for $16 but I snagged mine for $3. I almost hope I don’t like it because in searching for it, I think I may have gotten a really good deal!

This mask hydrates while also repairing the hair with argan oil and “black food”, whatever that is. It is a shower cap that you put on damp hair after washing it and leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse out? I’m not entirely sure because the instructions are in Korean and the websites I found all varied slightly as far as the directions are concerned. I haven’t used this yet but I hope to tonight. It is difficult to carve out time to wash my hair once though, let alone twice!


Skuinaz Lip Tattoo in Sweet Wine. This retails in the Memeshop for $18 and I paid $9.

I saw this when it was released in the first OMG box and wanted it immediately. It is a lip stain but you apply it as a thick, sticky gel then wait 15 minutes and peel it off. This was a gorgeous berry color once it dried and I peeled off the gel. The 15 minutes seemed a little long though because as the gel dried it became tackier and if I tried to talk, my lips stuck together. It was fun to peel off though! Very reminiscent of a peel off face mask.

While shopping directly from the Memebox store isn’t always practical, there are some good deals sometimes that make it worthwhile. I think you get free shipping too if you spend over $70 and 10% off orders over $100. Access the Memeshop here (this is my affiliate link). There are also usually $5 off codes floating around too.


3 thoughts on “Meme Shop Haul!

  1. That foot peel intrigues me! How did it work out?? I absolutely hate wearing socks so I’m always in a variety of sandals which equals some very rough heels and nothing seems to work to return them to baby soft for me.


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