September Birchbox Review


I feel like I am always the last person to get my Birchbox! When I got to work Saturday, all my coworkers were talking about their BB and what they got. I was green with envy since I was still waiting on mine! Lo and behold, it was waiting for me when I got home that evening!


For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box. For $10 a month, you get a box of curated deluxe samples tailored to your beauty profile. To sign up, please click here (by signing up through my link, I will receive BB points).

The cool thing about Birchbox is that you can review the products in your box in exchange for BB points. Those points can then be applied towards purchases in the BB store. Their rewards program is extremely generous.


Beginning three months ago, Birchbox started letting subscribers choose one of the samples in their box each month. This was the first month I chose a sample, as last month’s options didn’t really interest me. I chose the Davines Oi Conditioner because I have been on the hunt for a new conditioner. I’ll admit, it was very difficult to choose between this and the Liz Earle cleanser. Hopefully I don’t regret my choice.

Along with a good sized tub of the conditioner, foil packets of the Davines Absolute Beautifying shampoo and hair oil potion were included. I would have been fine with just the conditioner, as I have no problem mixing and matching hair products, but I am excited to try all three. The conditioner smells amazing. Very fresh with a hint of mint.

I calculated this sample to be worth $9.61. It is definitely a generous size!


I also got the Real Chemistry Luminous Three Minute Peel. M got this in her BB a few months ago and said she didn’t really notice a difference after using it. I am excited to try it though to see what I think!

The Three Minute Peel is an acid free peel that gently exfoliates to reveal softer, smoother and brighter skin. It retails for a hefty $48, so I will have to be pretty wowed to spring for the full size.

I value this sample at $6.56


Tempt s/b Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer. I wasn’t too excited about this one at first. I’m not sure why because I actually ran out of my last highlighter so I actually did need one. I don’t use highlighter as much as I should so maybe this will convince me.

It is pretty subtle but has a good amount of shimmer, and is a pinky champagne tone that should be good for most skin tones.

I value this sample at $2.75


Acure Organics Day Cream. Acure Organics is becoming the Supergoop! Of BB for me. This was the second month in a row that I got one of their products in my box. I am ok with that though, as both products were hits for me and I love how generous their sample sizes are.

According to me info card, this cream is made with gotu kola stem cells to create an anti aging, firming cream. Ok then. I guess I will have to continue using it for awhile to see results, but either way I like it. It smells like fresh orange juice and is a little thicker without being too heavy for daytime use. It sinks in quickly as well without being sticky. I really like it!

I value this sample at $10.55


The last sample in my box was the Harvey Prince Liquid Loofah in Ageless. This is the only product I was disappointed in. According to my BB app, I was supposed to get a Laura Mercier mascara, so I was surprised when this showed up in my box. I actually would have been excited for this product but I really hate the scent. It is supposed to smell like vanilla and grapefruit but it just smells so perfumey to me. I really dislike that in a shower gel. I don’t even think I will try this out because I can’t imagine liking it better on my skin.

I valued this sample at $.92.

Overall, I loved my box this month. I think Birchbox just keeps getting better and better. I valued my box at $30.39 (that does not include the foil packets of shampoo and hair oil) and with the exception of the Harvey Prince Liquid Loofah, I will use everything.

What did you think of your Birchbox this month?


One thought on “September Birchbox Review

  1. “Acure Organics is becoming the Supergoop! Of BB for me.” I feel the exact same way. Sometimes BB gets really super generous with a product line. At least Acure is a good brand 😛


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