Memebox Review: My Mask Box #5


I have an obsession with face masks. I love to slap on a mask and relax in a steaming hot bubble bath. I couldn’t resist buying this Memebox for that reason. (I refuse to buy anymore though until I get through some of my current masks!)

For those of you that are unfamiliar, Memebox is a Korean company that sells curated, themed boxes. Unlike other subscription boxes, you just choose to buy whichever boxes appeal to you. Beware, they are addicting! Click here to see some of their in stock boxes.



Even though I am super bad about spoilers with other subscription boxes, I never cheat with Memebox. I love the surprise! This one took awhile to get to me, so it was hard to resist looking at the contents as it started popping up on IG and Facebook.


Pro You Pore Control Facial Mask, Memebox retail value is $53

This mask removes blackheads and cleans pores while also hydrating the skin with vegetable collagen. This mask reminded me of something I would have bought at the drugstore as a teenager. I fail to see how it would be worth $53. I found it to be very effective, I’ll give you that much. Plus the tube is big. I will be using this every week or two because I liked how deeply cleansing it was without drying my skin out.


Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack, Memebox Retail value $30.

This is my third Elizavecca product from Memebox. I absolutely loved the first two, so I have no doubt I will love this too. I am currently using the collagen sleeping pack that came in MCW2 and this sounds very similar, so I don’t want to start using it till I run out of that.

Please, please Memebox release an Elizavecca box! I would definitely buy it!


Tosoooong Help Me Neck Patch, Memebox retail value of $30.

This is a cellulose sheet mask for your neck with coconut fermentation to plump and lift the skin. I haven’t used these yet because I don’t care much about my neck at that point in my life. If this was a slimming mask that would help with the double chin I am sporting, I would be all over it.


Purederm Wrinkle Reducer Patches, Memebox retail value of $12.

These under eye patches are meant to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I used them after a long nigh of no sleep and they actually worked pretty well at minimizing puffiness and discoloration, so I think I will save them for when I have that type of desperate situation.


Milky Dress Aqua Sleeping Pack, Memebox retail value of $23.

Another sleeping pack. This one hydrates, soothes and brightens. I haven’t tried this one yet either because I don’t want to having too many sleeping packs in rotation at once. I love sleeping packs though and use one pretty much every night so I will definitely use this at some point.


Pure Smile Mask Sheet, $6

This pack includes five sheet masks. There were many variations. The one I got was Pearl. I am bummed only because I really wanted the placenta one. I know sheet masks are popular, and I certainly expected them in this box, but I am not a sheet mask convert just yet.


Insobeau Beauty Secret Step Up Bust Mask, Memebox Retail Value of $14.

This is a mask for your bust area that apparently moisturizes, softens and lifts. You’re meant to wear it for 6 hours under your bra. I am currently nursing, so I didn’t want to use this for fear that my baby may ingest some of it on accident, so I will give it to M who I am sure will enjoy it.

Overall, My Mask Box has a retail value (according to Memebox) of $168. While the value is usually inflated, I did think that this was a great box. The two sleeping packs and the pore mask really upped the value for me and there wasn’t anything I was disappointed in. I am a little bummed that I haven’t ordered the more recent mask boxes but, as I said earlier, I have a stockpile of masks I need to use up at the moment.

What are your favorite face masks?



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