Ipsy October 2014 Review


I have only been getting ipsy for a few months and I am already considering canceling my subscription. I feel like every month I am much more excited about my Birchbox and I haven’t even bothered reviewing my ipsy products the last two months because their points system is so subpar compared to BB.

This month was my worst yet for ipsy. Here is what I got.


Ecru New York Acacia Protein BB Balm for hair.

I actually don’t typically mind hair care samples but I have been inundated with hair care products recently so this is the last thing I need. I smelled because if it had smelled amazing that would have changed my mind. Unfortunately it smelled just like any hair care product you would pick up at the drug store. I will be passing this sample along.


Mica Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow

This color is ok on. It has a greenish cast to it but the color is a neutral brown shade. Typically I would be fine with it but I prefer pressed shadows. The loose powders are difficult for me to use, so while I will wear this it won’t become a favorite.


Ayers Patagonia Body Butter

I am not a lotion user. I buy it and never use it. So samples like this are never a hit with me. As it stands, this doesn’t have an amazing scent so I will also be passing along this sample.


City Color Be Matte lipstick

This reminds me so much of a lipstick I wore in high school from The Body Shop. The color is the same and the dry texture is similar as well. This is a very neutral lip color so I am sure I
will get some use out of it. The formula feels a bit too dry for me but that is typical of a matte lipstick in my experience.


Epice International Purifying Exfoliant

Again, I have a million products like this already. I haven’t even tried this one and will likely give it away as well.

Sorry for such a curt post. I usually list the colors/scents of the products and the value but I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I got my ipsy bag over a week ago and have barely looked at the contents because I was so unenthused. I am going to update my beauty profile to hopefully ensure that I don’t get another bag that is such a miss. Otherwise I am going to cancel after next month. I would rather get Sample Society or a polish box at this point! I think my biggest issue with ipsy is it mostly seems like just junk products. I have never even heard of most of the brands so there is never anything in my box that I have been wanting to try. Maybe if their point system was as good as BB then I would be more forgiving. I don’t know.

What did you think of your ipsy bag this month?



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