Mega Zoya Review!

I have been wanting to try Zoyapolishes for a long time now. A few recent promotions of theirs caught my eye recently and all of a sudden I went from no Zoya polishes to quite a few!

I know a lot of polish bloggers post swatches of all their polish colors when doing a review. I have swatches of a lot of the different colors I bought but I was more concerned with keeping the polishes on to see how they wore. I tried to make sure I tried a few of each type.


Zoya Creams. From left to right Yuna, Marnie, Nyssa, Ryan, Margo, Genevieve, Odette.

I didn’t get a chance to try more than two of these because of how long the wear! In short, I am very impressed!


Zoya Nyssa was actually the color that convinced me to make my first purchase. I had been wanting to purchase a rich brown shade for the fall and I hadn’t seen anything that was close to what I was looking for. When I looked through all of the Zoya collections, I was struck by how many different options they had. It was very difficult to choose but I went with Nyssa and I am glad I did!

This is a medium chocolate hue. My swatch from above was two coats plus an Essie top coat. This manicure lasted 4.5 days. I am super impressed by that, as it almost made it five days before getting even the slightest chip.



I also had the chance to try Margo. I was instantly drawn to this color. It is the perfect deep pink that borders on purple. It feels like a very sophisticated color. I was a bit disappointed with how dark the color looked in normal light, because it masked the uniqueness of this color. I used two coats plus an Essie top coat and I have had it on four days at this point without a single chip.

I love how shiny the Zoya creams are and I can’t wait to try my other colors.


I am not the biggest fan of textures polishes, but for the purpose of this review I wanted to try a variety of the polishes Zoya offers, so I bought their Pixie Dust in London to try out.



I prefer the feeling of a smooth polish. Textured polishes tend to give me the willies. On the plus side, they are very forgiving. I am usually in a huge hurry when I paint my nails because of my two young kids. Manicures must be scheduled very strategically. So the convenience factor of the Pixie Dust won me over. This manicure lasted three days. Once the chipping began, it went very quickly.


Next is the Zoya Matte Velvet collection. I bought four of the six polishes in the collection (l-r Posh, Harlow, Veruschka, Loredana). I have tried three of the four, with two of my sisters having had the chance to try the fourth. I was struck by how quickly these are with dry time. My nails dried almost immediately.

My biggest concern with matte polishes is chipping time, since I prefer to do no top coat (I don’t currently own a top coat). The only matte polish I have used was an OPI one years ago and it chipped within hours of application, so I was afraid I would have the same issue.



Posh was the first color I tried and I am emanated with it. Like Margo, it is a very sophisticated color and made me feel very glamorous. It lasted an impressive four days before the chipping began. I could see this one being a popular choice for me during this holiday season!



Veruschka was the color I looked forward to the most. It is such a funky color and very unusual for a polish. Unfortunately, it was only 48 hours before it began to chip. Due to that, I probably won’t wear it as much but I still love the color!



Loredana is probably my least favorite color of the whole collection but once I tried the first two, I knew I needed the whole collection. This is a silvery gray that lasted three days, which I was happy with.


Lastly, Harlow. My sister E wore this over Thanksgiving and was kind enough to let me get a picture. We were disappointed when one of her fingers chipped within hours of application. It only got worse from there on out. She would fix one nail only to have another one start chipping twenty minutes later. She finally admitted defeat and removed the polish after 24 hours. I hoped it was just a personal problem but my sister A had the same problem the next day. I will give Harlow a try myself but if I have the same results that one will not be part of my rotation!

There you have it! I am officially a Zoya fan. I can’t wait to try the rest of my collection and add to it.

Do you have any Zoya polishes? Which colors are your must haves?

Edited to add: Zoya has announced they will be doing a Cyber Monday event tomorrow so keep a lookout for some good deals!


November Birchbox Review


Sigh. I always wait with such impatience to unbox my monthly Birchbox on the 10th of every month. It is one of the first things I do when I wake up! This month, I was met with such disappointment. This was my least my favorite box to date and for once I actually liked my ipsy bag better!

I went through my beauty profile to see where I had gone wrong but I had said I would prefer no perfume samples (this is the second month in a row I have gotten one!!) and I would prefer no shower gel. I tweaked my preferences a little but to hopefully avoid another month like this one.

For those of you that are new to Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription service. For $10 a month, you get a box full of deluxe size beauty products. You can review these products on the BB site to receive BB points, which can be redeemed in their store for product. The point system is amazing and the reason I would never chance my subscription.


Joie Folle de Joie Eau de parfum, value of sample $2.06.

I am super picky about perfumes, so I prefer not to get them in my subscription boxes. When I told a coworker I was getting this in my November box, she told me she bought the full size after getting this in a box. She said she gets complimented on it all the time and she won’t even tell her best friend what it is because he friend loves the scent so much. So I was like ok, maybe I will like this after all. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the appeal when I wore it. It smelled like any department store perfume to me. Even my husband agreed it was nothing special. Oh well, now I don’t need to shell out $98 for the full size!!


Not Soap, Radio Joy Inducing Body Wash, sample value $1.76.

This is a lemon scented shower gel with a nice muskiness that elevates it and makes it more dynamic. It still can’t compete with my LUSH shower gels though, especially because citrus is not my thing. I find most citrus scents to be boring and less complex.


Bain de Terre Argan Oil and Passion Flower Color Therapy Styling Oil, sample value $2.06.

I told Birchbox that I color treat my hair and that I love haircare products, so I can’t fault them for including this. I got the Davines hair oil in my September box though and fell in love with it, so I really don’t need another hair oil. Plus it smells like a generic shampoo you would get at the drugstore. The scent alone ruined it for me.


Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream, sample value $17.

I just changed my profile to exclude anti aging products. I am open to anti aging products but the branding and scent of this just screams old lady to me, so if those are the types of products I will get I would prefer to stay away from anti aging products.



The Balm Cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer, sample value $.30.

I have wanted to try The Balm Cosmetics for awhile so this was the one thing in my box that I was actually excited about. The packaging is just adorable! The sample is very small, so it is difficult to use with my makeup brush. It doesn’t apply easily because of that, so I wish the sample were wider to allow for easier application.


Dang Coconut Chips, sample value $1.47.

This was a bonus item. I wasn’t excited about it, especially when I saw some lucky people got chocolate! These were surprisingly good though. Even my two year old approved, and she is picky! They are very expensive, but if I saw a box for less at Costco I would definitely buy them!

Overall, I was disappointed in this month’s Birchbox. I feel that my beauty profile wasn’t really followed. I am sick of the perfume samples especially! I would never quit Birchbox because of their amazing point system, but I am hoping next month is better!

What did you think if your November Birchbox?


Review: November ipsy


I have been pretty vocal recently about my disappointment in ipsy. My bags just seemed to contain obscure products that I wouldn’t use and wasn’t interested in. I had planned on retaking my beauty quiz and giving it one last shot to see whether I wanted to cancel or not. Unfortunately, their mobile site wasn’t allowing me to change my quiz answers a few weeks ago when I tried, so I was afraid this month was doomed to suck like the previous ones. Luckily, I was wrong!! This month was a hit for me, despite the fact that not all of the products were a win for me. Also despite the fact that I didn’t get GlamGlow yet again!

For those of you that are new to ipsy, it is a subscription service. For $10 a month, you get a glambag full of deluxe samples and full sized products based on your beauty profile. The products tend to be more low end but it is still a very good value.



Nicole by OPI nail polish, value $6.99.

I can’t find this among me huge basket of nail polish at the moment, so I forget the name. It is a really pretty glitter topper with two different sizes of silver glitter. It is great for the holidays and although I don’t see myself wearing it very often, I was so glad to have finally received a polish in one of my sub boxes! It is pretty much a guarantee that I will appreciate a polish in any box.


Demeter Roll On Perfume in Pixie Dust, value $10.

This smells amazing!! Like cotton candy and glitter and bubblegum, bit not in an overpowering, cloying way. I was disappointed that the scent seemed to fade quickly, but the scent was a total win for me.


Temptu Highlighter, value $2.75?

I received a different Temptu highlighter in my September Birchbox and I really like it. It gives a nice glow. I have no doubt this shade is gorgeous too.



Elizabeth Mott You’re so Fine eyeliner in Glitterati, value $17.99.

I believe the eyeliner in the glam bags is full size, so correct me if I am wrong! This would seemingly be a huge miss for me. I don’t usually go for glitter eyeliners, or liquid eyeliners for that matter. It applied so easily though and the glitter was the perfect amount so that I didn’t look ridiculous while still being noticeable. Unfortunately, I only lasted for about four hours at work before it started flaking off. I am going to try it a few more times and hopefully will not have the same results!


LA Colors Chunky Lip Color in Wine, value $3.50.

I love lip crayons like this and it is also the perfect color, so this was a complete win for me. Great price too, so if I like it I will definitely buy multiple colors!!

Overall, I was much happier with my ipsy this month. I surprisingly liked the glitter theme and thought the bag was cute as well. I calculated the overall value of my November bag at $41.23, which is pretty good! Ipsy lives to see another month!

Memebox Review: Collaboration #6 Vagabond Youth


Vagabond Youth is a box that was released last month that was curated with “YouTube beauty and fashion mentor” Vagabond Youth. I have never heard of her, but then again I have never heard of any of the other personalities that Memebox has collaborated with.


One of the major differences with the collab boxes is that the contents are released when the box goes up for sale, this removing any surprise element. This would typically be a deal breaker for me, but when I saw the contents of this box, there were a few must have items and nothing that I absolutely didn’t want, so I bought it.



For those of you unfamiliar with Memebox, it is a Korean company that curates beauty boxes based on different themes. The boxes are typically of great value and it is a fun way to get your hands on some Korean skin and beauty care! To see some of the boxes that are currently available, click here. (This is an affiliate link).


Miss Age Essential Lip Rouge in Pure Red, Meme value $17.

This was the one product I wasn’t sure I would use, as I have tons of red lip color. This leaned closer to pink though and had a cool, jelly like texture. My only complaint is that it gravitated towards the edges of my lips, so that wasn’t very flattering. I am going to give it a few more tries to see if I can get it to stay put.


Shara Shara Color Control Cream in Natural Beige, SPF 50+, Meme value $24.

This is one of the products that convinced me to buy this box. I typically use BB creams but wanted to try a CC cream. So far, I really like it and I have been using it almost daily.


RiveCowe Plenty Volume Mascara, Meme value $15.

So far, I am not super impressed with this mascara. It doesn’t apply very easily and makes my lashes very sparse. I always need mascara, but I’m not sure I will make it through this.


√Čtude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, Meme value $7.

I needed an eye primer, so this was another product that sold me on this box. This one works just as it should. I have noticed a remarkable difference in how long my eye makeup stays put.


dearberry Toc Toc Blusher, Meme value $9.

There was a color variation for this product. I think I got Peach Sorbet. It is a rich, shimmery peach color. I just don’t like the applicator. I feel like barely any color comes out and when I went to use the powder from my Earth & Sea box, which I just got a few weeks ago, the applicator for that one had a bunch of black mold on it! I just use my own brushes to apply these.


Color World Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Meme value $36.

Neutral shadow palettes are a must for me. I love how big this palette is and the colors are pretty pigmented.


√Čtude House Tear Drop Liner, Meme value $7.

This had multiple color variations. I believe I got #4, which is more of a gold color. It is so pretty and shimmery and I was super excited to wear it, but I have used it twice now and unfortunately it rubbed and flaked off within thirty minutes if application both times. I even tried the primer underneath to hold it in place but that was no help. I guess my eyes are too watery for this type of product.


good’p Madeca Cream, Meme value $24.

From what I understand, this is a moisturizer that is meant to be mixed in with your CC cream. I have been using it that way and I really like it! My skin is desperate for that extra moisture right now but I also walk a fine line between looking greasy and being hydrated. This has really helped!


ideeB Sweet Gelish Eyeliner in Gold Brown, Meme value $9.

I like that this is a gel pencil and I prefer brown eyeliners over black. I have used this once so far and it did the trick.

The overall value for this Memebox is $148 and it was sold for $23 plus shipping! I was blown away by how many products were included. I would have to say this may be my favorite Memebox to date and I am usually not so impressed by makeup items. The CC cream and Madeca cream really made this box for me.

Did you buy the Vagabond Youth box? What did you think?


Memebox Review: Superbox #84 Skinfood


Memebox has offered brand themed boxes before, but I had never been tempted to buy one until they released a Skinfood box. Skinfood emphasizes the idea of “feeding” the skin and their products include a lot of fruits and veggies. It reminds me a lot of LUSH, whose products I predominantly use, so I decided to give this box a try.

For anyone unfamiliar with Memebox, it is a Korean company that curates boxes based on a specific theme. The boxes are typically a great value, and are filled with Korean cosmetics and beauty products. To see some of the boxes currently available, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



I am not familiar at all with the Skinfood range, but I believe they sell bodycare and cosmetics. This box was very skincare heavy though, so I am not entirely sure. Had I known that this box was pretty much all skincare, I would have likely passed. I have more products than I could ever possibly use on my face!


Tomato Whitening Toner, Meme value $17.

This is a toner with tomato extracts and vitamin c to brighten the complexion. I have read that it is best for oilier skin but I haven’t tried it because I have two open toners right now!


Egg White Pore Meringue Foam, Meme value $13.

This is a deep cleansing facial soap with a meringue like texture for sensitive, oily skin. I don’t want a cleanser that is going to dry me out now that we are heading into winter so I will gift this.


Facial Water Vita-C Cream, Meme value $13.

This is a rich facial cream with acai, raspberry, strawberry and cranberry extracts that brightens and moisturizes. It is recommended that it be refrigerated which is why I haven’t opened it yet. I want to try it as a morning moisturizer but if it is in the fridge, I will forget about it, in which case I may as well gift it. I need to look into this product more to see if the refrigeration is a necessity.


Black Sugar Mask, Meme value $9.

This is the one item in the box I am semi excited about. I have heard mainly good things and it seems to be a popular product. It is a deep cleansing, exfoliating mask so I may save it for the summer months when I am a bit oilier.


Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake, Meme value $5.

I thought these were eyeshadows at first and I was ok with that because neutral shadows are something I would use. Then I realized it was brow powder and was immediately disappointed. I just got a brow pencil in my Chocolate Mania box and that is all I need. This doesn’t seem as effective or user friendly. I plan on gifting this.

Skinfood is the most disappointing Memebox I have received in a long time. It is the first box I have ever gotten where I didn’t try at least one or two products right away. The products seemed mostly geared toward oilier akin, which isn’t what I am looking for right now. The overall Meme value is $57, which isn’t high for Memebox in general but is more common with brand boxes.

What did you think of this box?


Memebox Review: #45 Chocolate Mania


I have gotten quite a few MemeBoxes recently, as you can tell. This was probably my most anticipated box and I have been looking forward to it for awhile. I missed out on the Cacao box a few months ago and I had hoped this one could live up to how great that box was. Luckily, I think this might have been even better than the Cacao box!

If you are unfamiliar with Memebox, they are a Korean company that offers boxes curated based on different themes. They usually are an amazing value and it’s a great way to try new products. To see some of the boxes currently available on their site, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



I could smell the chocolate products in this box as I was opening the mailer. I LOVE chocolate, so I was in heaven!


Skinfood Cacao Hand Balm, Meme value $5.

This may have been my favorite product in the box. It is an odd consistency, somewhere between a gel and a cream. It has such a rich cocoa smell that isn’t overpowering at all. I use a hand cream before bed every night and this has quickly jumped to the front of the line. Love!


Binucook Cacao Chocolate Pie Soap, Meme value $6.

If this was a shower gel, I would be all over it! As it is, I prefer not to use bar soap. This smells yummy but I will be gifting it!


Missha Cacao and Cream Facial Scrub, Meme value $12.

This is a deep cleansing, gentle cream cleanser. It looks and smells fantastic, like icing! I really can’t justify opening another cleanser right now, so I have hidden this in my closet for the time being. Out of sight, out of mind!


Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream, Meme value $30.

This is a very moisturizing face cream to combat dry, rough winter skin. It contains olive oil, mango seed butter, Shea butter, gold (?!) and cacao seed butter. This has a very light scent, which is kind of a bummer. I want to feel like I am rubbing chocolate all over my face! It’s just what I need now that we are getting into the colder months.


Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream, Meme value $11.

I was all kinds of confused by the name. At first I thought it was a lotion, then a massage cream. According to the info card, it is a facial cleanser with banana, avocado and cacao. I have been getting a lot of cleansers in my boxes recently that are just too drying for my skin, so I am super glad to have this!


Zamian Super Gold Cacao Pack, Meme value $22.

This mask is amazing! It is infused with a blend of cacao and gold powder to smooth and firm the skin. Once again, the scent is delicious and my skin felt so soft and smooth after I used it!


Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask, Meme value $2.

A chocolate sheet mask, yes please! I am saving this for the next time I use a really sweet bath bomb.


dearberry Miss Mina Lisa Eyebrow in Choco Brownie, Meme value $2.

This is an eyebrow filler with a nifty built in brush. Definitely a product I am in need of currently. I do wish that there had been a chocolate lip balm though instead. This kind of missed the theme for me because I was hoping for everything to have a chocolate scent.

Despite my minor quibble with the eyebrow pencil, I thought Chocolate Mania was a phenomenal box. It exceeded my expectations and had a great amount of product in it. The overall Meme value is $90. It isn’t the most impressive value I have seen, but the curation was pretty much spot on, so you won’t hear any complaints from me!

Did you get Chocolate Mania? What are your thoughts?


Memebox Review #31 Earth & Sea


I feel like I have been trying to get my hands on Earth & Sea for forever! The description was a little to vague when the box was first released, so I passed on it originally but then I saw all the unboxings as people started receiving it and I regretted not buying it. I scored one in a restock in September and waited weeks and weeks for it only to get an email from Memebox two weeks ago letting me know that it had been destroyed in customs and they would have to refund me since it was out of stock. I was so disappointed, so when I saw a restock pop up again last week I decided to try my luck again. And this time it actually made it here!

For anyone unfamiliar with Memebox, it is a Korean company that curates themed boxes full of Korean beauty items. The boxes are typically a great value. To see some of the boxes that are currently available, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



This box is very skincare heavy, so in hindsight I really should have refrained. I just have so many products right now that I will need years and years to get through them. The volcanic ash pack and the Elizavecca cleanser made the decision for me though. I needed those products!


Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack, Meme value $36.

This has Jeju complex (whatever that may be), volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea and pine needle extract to tighten pores and control excess sebum. As with most masks, you leave it on for 10-15 minutes then wash off.

I used this while I bathed my two year old last night. Typically I would have left it on longer but it was dangerously close to bedtime so I was rushed. I loved the thick, creamy texture and the faint lemony pine scent but overall I didn’t notice any results. So the jury is still out.


Shara Shara Black Charcoal Purifying Sheet Mask, Meme value $2.

Again with the charcoal and volcanic ash. While it tightens pores and cleanses the skin, there is also aloe vera to soothe. Sheet masks aren’t my favorite but I like having a few on hand because they are so easy. I haven’t used this one yet.


Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel, Meme value $34.

The day before I received this box, my Just Gellin’ box arrived with pretty much the same product. I have used that one twice now and I like it well enough as a morning moisturizer. I haven’t decided whether to keep this one yet because I want to see how long it takes me to get through the other one. This packaging is gorgeous though!


DewyTree Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder, Meme value $34.

This is a finishing powder with essential oils and minerals to keep your skin looking nice and maintain moisture levels. I could use a new powder so I am excited for this. I like that it has the little pouf applicator on top but so far I haven’t been able to get it to work well. I may have to just use my own brush to apply.


Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist, Meme value $18.

The last thing I need is another toner. I use toner daily but they last me a long time. For that reason, I will probably be gifting this!


Elizavecca Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam, Meme value $29.

I have yet to find an Elizavecca product I didn’t like. This has charcoal, collagen and spider extract to deeply cleanse. I’m sorry, but spider extract?! That is crazy! Unfortunately, this cleanser gave me that really tight, squeaky clean feeling that I don’t love. I could see myself using it more in the summer when oiliness is more of a problem. Right now my skin is begging for moisture.

Overall, I wasn’t as pleased with this box as I had hoped. It is an amazing box, with a total Meme value of $153. I just think the products aren’t what my skin needs at the moment. I think a few months from now I will get a lot more use from them!

What did you think of the Earth & Sea Memebox?