Memebox #62 Just Gellin’ Review


Just Gellin’ is one of those boxes that I ordered on a complete whim. It sounded interesting and I had hoped that it would be a good mix of makeup and skincare. Other than that, I didn’t know what to expect. According to Memebox, Korean skincare is cutting edge and innovative, and gel cosmetics is right up there as the “next big Korean trend”. I don’t see gel as being that innovative or new, but either way I wanted this box!

For anyone new to Memebox, they curate specialized boxes based on a theme. Their boxes are typically an amazing value and a great way to try Korean beauty care products. To see some of their currently available boxes, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



At first glance, I was very pleased with my Just Gellin’ box. as I had hoped, it included both skincare and makeup. I really needed a gel eyeliner so I was excited to see one included!

On to the contents.


Dermahouse Ginseng Peeling Gel, Meme value $18.

I actually have never used a Korean peeling gel, so I will be trying this ASAP. I have heard good things in general, but no nothing of this brand in particular. I have used a few peeling gels before that I have gotten as samples in my Birchbox and they were just ok, so I’m not sure if I should have high expectations for this or if it will be similar to what I have already tried.


Holika Holika Holy Berry Jelly Tint, Meme value $7.

This has two variations. I got the Cherry Berry. It smells strongly of synthetic cherries. The applicator is a really cool spatula wand and I like the jelly texture of this. I have noticed Memebox is all about cute lip gloss so I wasn’t surprised that they includes one in this box. I put it in my bag to take to work.


Secret Key Sheer Light Essential Gel Sunscreen, Meme value $23.

I was least thrilled to see sun screen in this box. That is just so boring to me. I have three kids though, so I will use it eventually. Not for awhile though, so this is just hanging out in my closet.


ProYou Prori Vita Bright Moisture Gel Mist, Meme value $24.

I got this in the lavender scent in another box. I really like it and use it almost every morning before applying my moisturizer. It is more moisturizing than the toner I was using so I prefer it now that we are getting in to the colder months and my skin is drier. I won’t be able to go through two of these in a reasonable amount of time so I will be gifting this one.


original raw Blue Jam Water Block Cream, Meme value $24.

This is apparently a favorite among Korean actresses for its rich moisture that lasts up to 100 hours. I don’t know about all that, but it is a nice, hydrating gel that works really well for me in the morning under my makeup. I like that it sinks in without feeling tacky. I really don’t care for the packaging though. It can be kind of difficult to squeeze the product out, so although it is more sanitary than a jar, I don’t prefer it.


Hope Girl Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, Meme value $22.

I have heard others complaining about how often Hope Girl products are included in Memeboxes, but this was actually my first one! I have only used this once so far but it was incredibly easy to apply. I loved the color, because typically I will choose a brown eyeliner over a black one. It was easy to wash off before bed too, so that was a nice plus.

I am so pleased with this box and glad that I went with my gut instinct to order it. It has an overall value of $118 and it sold for $23. I probably paid less than $20 with meme points and discount codes, so overall a great deal!

Here are the current discount codes for November:

1. Save 5% on orders above $50 (limit 2x use): VRYM6O
2. Save 10% on Shop USA orders above $40 (limit 2x use): N8GAUE
3. Save 20% on orders above $200 (limit 2x use): C3UJDR
4. Save $7 on standard shipping when you buy 2 or more boxes (limit 3x use)


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