Memebox Review: #66 Petit Treasures


I’ll admit, I was none too pleased when I initially received this box. At first glance, it looked juvenile and sparse. The price was $19, so customers knew it would be lower value than a typical Memebox, but I had still anticipated something similar to My Cute Wishlist.

For anyone new to Memebox, they are a Korean cosmetics company that previously specialized in Korean beauty boxes that were curated toward a specific theme. Now they seem to be moving away from their boxes and are focused more on just selling Korean cosmetics. Such a bummer! You can check out their website here. They did recently restock a bunch of previous boxes, so grab some while you can!



I ordered this box in a bundle with the Blackout box. Both boxes only contained four items because they were lower prices boxes. Had Memebox thrown in a sheet mask in each box, I would have been more mollified. This one was my bigger disappointment because although I will get more use out of of these products, Blackout seemed more thoughtfully curated to me (with the exception of the shampoo). Now that it has been a few weeks since I received this box, I feel a little differently.


Recipe by Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss in Sweet Fiona, Meme value $5.

I don’t mind cheap lip gloss. In fact, that is pretty par for the course in these boxes. This one annoyed me though. It seems very juvenile and just clunky to have in my pocket. And the thought of carrying a gloss on my keychain seemed absurd. But now I am thinking it might be convenient and actually not a bad idea! And it goes well with the theme.


Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream, Meme value $16.

Yet another face cream. I have a ton to go through and Memebox made us aware on the info card that this has a use by date of July 21, 2015 (thank you for sharing that info Memebox!), so I added this in to my current rotation. And I actually really like it. It goes on so thick, but it mattifying and smells like eucalyptus. According to the info card, it helps uneven skin tone and blemish scars.


ddung Lively Girl Mascara, Meme value $24.

I always need mascara but the mascaras in my MemeBoxes are always hit or miss. Luckily, I like this one. It goes on sparsely but is pretty easy to build up. It won’t become a holy grail product but I will use it up.


Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher, Meme value $7.

I am kind of over all the blushers I have been getting in my MemeBoxes. This makes #4 I think. BUT I love the color I got, so again, I am over my disappointment. There were three different colors sent out and I believe I got warm apricot.

This box was one of my biggest disappointments from Memebox but I have since changed my mind. It isn’t my favorite box by any means, but I am happy with what I got and I will use it all.

Did you get Petit Treasures? Did you like the contents?


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