Memebox Review: # 53 Wine and Cheese


Ah, the infamous Wine and Cheese box. This may very well have been my most anticipated Memebox ever. And I don’t even drink wine! The concept just sounded really cool and I couldn’t wait to see what products were included!

Memebox is a Korean company that curates boxes based on specific themes. They typically are a really good value and it is a great way to try different Korean products. Unfortunately, Memebox doesn’t release new boxes very often anymore. Click here to see what boxes are currently available.




So, if you are a fan if Memebox you probably heard of the fiasco with this box. It shipped a month late, after the shipping date was pushed back multiple times. There were issues with Memebox getting the Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly from their supplier. Eventually, they just left it out of most boxes and the recipients of those boxes, myself included, were given the choice of canceling the box altogether or keeping it and receiving a credit of 12 meme points. Meme points equal $1 apiece and can be applied towards purchases from the website. Even though I was disappointed because I wanted the peeling jelly, I was happy with the compensation we were offered and decided to keep the box. And on top of that, Memebox included one of their new sheet masks as well!

While I think the situation could have been handled in perhaps a more timely manner, I am ok with the outcome. Tester Korea has the peeling jelly on their site right now for less than $10 I believe, so I may order it!


LadyKin Mangchee Lifting Mask, meme value $43.

This is a sleeping pack with mango, cheese and Shea butter to lock in moisture. I am really looking forward to using this. I swear by a sleeping pack every night, so this will get used!


Enprani Dear by Enorani Bouncr Cream Cheese, meme value $35.

This has a cult following in the Meme world, and Memebox announced with the box release that this would be included, so I knew I had to snag this box for that alone. You can see in the picture what a stringy texture it has. I love it! I use it before bed and it sinks in very quickly and leaves my skin so smooth!


LadyKin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream, meme value $14.

This is an anti wrinkle hand cream with cheese extracts. Mango extracts help to brighten the skin. This is a medium weight hand cream. It is not heavy enough for me to use before bed and I think I will have better luck if I use it during the day.


Blanche Doux Pinot Noir UV Shield & Tone Up Sensitive, meme value $36.

This is a mild sunblock that is meant for oilier skin. I think this will be an amazing summer product, so I am holding on to this until the weather warms up!


Tonymoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care and XO Memebox Meme Mask, meme value ($2 each).

The Tonymoly mask has red wine complex and is meant to balance sebum production. It smells very strongly of red wine, which I don’t love, but the scent fades quickly. The effects were really nice. My skin felt toned and even. I will definitely buy this again.

The Memebox mask is a 2 piece hydrogel mask, which is meant to be more moisturizing. Since I need the extra hydration this time of the year, this was a real treat. I need to use hydrogel masks more often!

Overall, this box had a value of $146. I included the Innisfree product in that figure since I received $12 in compensation for it. This box certainly lived up to my expectations and I am pleased with it despite the missing Innisfree Peeling Jelly.

What did you think of the Wine & Cheese box?


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