Memebox Review: Winter Mask Essentials


As any Memebox fan know, Memebox has recently slowed dowm their curated box production drastically. Instead of releasing multiple boxes three times per week, they now are releasing them only occasionally, instead choosing to focus more on their Meme shop. This has been a huge bummer for me, although it has saved me a boatload of money. I have had no interest in the few boxes they have released anyway; Black Friday and Boxing Day, for instance, held no appeal for me. I had memepoints burning a hole in my pocket and then they released this box. It was a sign. I use a face mask almost every night, and I like having a wide variety to choose from, so I knew I needed this box. I wanted to get my review up ASAP because tbis box is still available on the Memebox site.

This is the first time I have ever received a Memebox that had an electronic info card. This irritated me slightly because I save all my info cards so I can reference them if needed. I assumed this was done because almost all of the products include English instructions on the paxkaging, thus negating the need for a card.


PureSmile Jewelry Bubble Ruby and Pure Bubble Royal Jelly, $2 each.

I have ordered these masks from the Memeshop before for $1 apiece during a sale. They look really cheap but I would definitely order again! They are carbonated masks that go on like a clear gel but imediately start to bubble up. The info card talks about how they have all these amazing ingredients, over 40 nutrients, etc. I don’t know about all that but they do feel great on the skin and leave my face feeling soft and smooth.


Velieve Girlish Mask in Honey Moisture, Aloe Soothing and Vita Shining, $7 for 3, and Inoface Real Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in Snail, $2.

When I first began using Memebox, I didn’t understand the popularity of sheet masks. I just didn’t get it. Now I get it. They are so convenient and I love that you just leave the essence on your face afterward to soak in. In the past few months, I have started a collecting sheet masks. I almost don’t even want to use them but instead just keep them in their drawer and look at them all the time. It’s a sickness. I haven’t actually used these yet but I love the packaging of the Velieve ones and anything snail related is ok by me! 


Rire Patting Water Pack, $42 but on sale currently for $12.

There were a few variations of this sent out. I got the rose one for moisture, which is perfect for me. Patting water is new to me and sounds like it may be a very concentrated toner but I am not entirely sure. You are meant to fill a bowl with water and add a few capfuls of this, then pat the solution onto your face 10-12 times. No rinsing necessary. I put a bowl in my bathroom so I can try this out but I will be honest, it sounds like a lot to add to my routine with any regularity, so I doubt I will use it often. Then again, maybe it will be amazing when I try it and I will decide the effort is worth it!


Lassie’El Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Mask, $6.

I love the packaging of this mask. It’s four little capsules that comes with a lid in case you dom’t use an entire capsule at once. I typically slather the entire thing on my face so it’s not wasted. I waa glad to not have to do that this time because I found one capsule to be enough for two uses. This smelled like berries and felt great on my skin. The real treat was after I removed it though! My skin felt so supple and smooth. I would buy this mask on its own!


Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Mask Pack, $13.

This is the third collagen mask pack I have gotten in a Memebox. I like them a lot, they leave my skin so plump and smooth, but I need a break. I haven’t tried this particular omne because it has two Elizavecca ones in front of it.

I think this is such a solid box. To be fair, Memebox always puts out great mask boxes in my opinion. So really it’s no surprise! I calculate the meme value of this box to be $72, although it would only be $42 if you take the sale price of the patting water into account. Either way, it’s a good value for a box that sold for $23+shipping. With my memepoints, I got this box completely free, so I made out like a bandit!

Did you receive the Winter Mask Essentials box? What were your thoughts?