Review: November ipsy


I have been pretty vocal recently about my disappointment in ipsy. My bags just seemed to contain obscure products that I wouldn’t use and wasn’t interested in. I had planned on retaking my beauty quiz and giving it one last shot to see whether I wanted to cancel or not. Unfortunately, their mobile site wasn’t allowing me to change my quiz answers a few weeks ago when I tried, so I was afraid this month was doomed to suck like the previous ones. Luckily, I was wrong!! This month was a hit for me, despite the fact that not all of the products were a win for me. Also despite the fact that I didn’t get GlamGlow yet again!

For those of you that are new to ipsy, it is a subscription service. For $10 a month, you get a glambag full of deluxe samples and full sized products based on your beauty profile. The products tend to be more low end but it is still a very good value.



Nicole by OPI nail polish, value $6.99.

I can’t find this among me huge basket of nail polish at the moment, so I forget the name. It is a really pretty glitter topper with two different sizes of silver glitter. It is great for the holidays and although I don’t see myself wearing it very often, I was so glad to have finally received a polish in one of my sub boxes! It is pretty much a guarantee that I will appreciate a polish in any box.


Demeter Roll On Perfume in Pixie Dust, value $10.

This smells amazing!! Like cotton candy and glitter and bubblegum, bit not in an overpowering, cloying way. I was disappointed that the scent seemed to fade quickly, but the scent was a total win for me.


Temptu Highlighter, value $2.75?

I received a different Temptu highlighter in my September Birchbox and I really like it. It gives a nice glow. I have no doubt this shade is gorgeous too.



Elizabeth Mott You’re so Fine eyeliner in Glitterati, value $17.99.

I believe the eyeliner in the glam bags is full size, so correct me if I am wrong! This would seemingly be a huge miss for me. I don’t usually go for glitter eyeliners, or liquid eyeliners for that matter. It applied so easily though and the glitter was the perfect amount so that I didn’t look ridiculous while still being noticeable. Unfortunately, I only lasted for about four hours at work before it started flaking off. I am going to try it a few more times and hopefully will not have the same results!


LA Colors Chunky Lip Color in Wine, value $3.50.

I love lip crayons like this and it is also the perfect color, so this was a complete win for me. Great price too, so if I like it I will definitely buy multiple colors!!

Overall, I was much happier with my ipsy this month. I surprisingly liked the glitter theme and thought the bag was cute as well. I calculated the overall value of my November bag at $41.23, which is pretty good! Ipsy lives to see another month!