Memebox Review: Superbox #84 Skinfood


Memebox has offered brand themed boxes before, but I had never been tempted to buy one until they released a Skinfood box. Skinfood emphasizes the idea of “feeding” the skin and their products include a lot of fruits and veggies. It reminds me a lot of LUSH, whose products I predominantly use, so I decided to give this box a try.

For anyone unfamiliar with Memebox, it is a Korean company that curates boxes based on a specific theme. The boxes are typically a great value, and are filled with Korean cosmetics and beauty products. To see some of the boxes currently available, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



I am not familiar at all with the Skinfood range, but I believe they sell bodycare and cosmetics. This box was very skincare heavy though, so I am not entirely sure. Had I known that this box was pretty much all skincare, I would have likely passed. I have more products than I could ever possibly use on my face!


Tomato Whitening Toner, Meme value $17.

This is a toner with tomato extracts and vitamin c to brighten the complexion. I have read that it is best for oilier skin but I haven’t tried it because I have two open toners right now!


Egg White Pore Meringue Foam, Meme value $13.

This is a deep cleansing facial soap with a meringue like texture for sensitive, oily skin. I don’t want a cleanser that is going to dry me out now that we are heading into winter so I will gift this.


Facial Water Vita-C Cream, Meme value $13.

This is a rich facial cream with acai, raspberry, strawberry and cranberry extracts that brightens and moisturizes. It is recommended that it be refrigerated which is why I haven’t opened it yet. I want to try it as a morning moisturizer but if it is in the fridge, I will forget about it, in which case I may as well gift it. I need to look into this product more to see if the refrigeration is a necessity.


Black Sugar Mask, Meme value $9.

This is the one item in the box I am semi excited about. I have heard mainly good things and it seems to be a popular product. It is a deep cleansing, exfoliating mask so I may save it for the summer months when I am a bit oilier.


Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake, Meme value $5.

I thought these were eyeshadows at first and I was ok with that because neutral shadows are something I would use. Then I realized it was brow powder and was immediately disappointed. I just got a brow pencil in my Chocolate Mania box and that is all I need. This doesn’t seem as effective or user friendly. I plan on gifting this.

Skinfood is the most disappointing Memebox I have received in a long time. It is the first box I have ever gotten where I didn’t try at least one or two products right away. The products seemed mostly geared toward oilier akin, which isn’t what I am looking for right now. The overall Meme value is $57, which isn’t high for Memebox in general but is more common with brand boxes.

What did you think of this box?



Memebox Review: #45 Chocolate Mania


I have gotten quite a few MemeBoxes recently, as you can tell. This was probably my most anticipated box and I have been looking forward to it for awhile. I missed out on the Cacao box a few months ago and I had hoped this one could live up to how great that box was. Luckily, I think this might have been even better than the Cacao box!

If you are unfamiliar with Memebox, they are a Korean company that offers boxes curated based on different themes. They usually are an amazing value and it’s a great way to try new products. To see some of the boxes currently available on their site, click here. (This is an affiliate link).



I could smell the chocolate products in this box as I was opening the mailer. I LOVE chocolate, so I was in heaven!


Skinfood Cacao Hand Balm, Meme value $5.

This may have been my favorite product in the box. It is an odd consistency, somewhere between a gel and a cream. It has such a rich cocoa smell that isn’t overpowering at all. I use a hand cream before bed every night and this has quickly jumped to the front of the line. Love!


Binucook Cacao Chocolate Pie Soap, Meme value $6.

If this was a shower gel, I would be all over it! As it is, I prefer not to use bar soap. This smells yummy but I will be gifting it!


Missha Cacao and Cream Facial Scrub, Meme value $12.

This is a deep cleansing, gentle cream cleanser. It looks and smells fantastic, like icing! I really can’t justify opening another cleanser right now, so I have hidden this in my closet for the time being. Out of sight, out of mind!


Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream, Meme value $30.

This is a very moisturizing face cream to combat dry, rough winter skin. It contains olive oil, mango seed butter, Shea butter, gold (?!) and cacao seed butter. This has a very light scent, which is kind of a bummer. I want to feel like I am rubbing chocolate all over my face! It’s just what I need now that we are getting into the colder months.


Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream, Meme value $11.

I was all kinds of confused by the name. At first I thought it was a lotion, then a massage cream. According to the info card, it is a facial cleanser with banana, avocado and cacao. I have been getting a lot of cleansers in my boxes recently that are just too drying for my skin, so I am super glad to have this!


Zamian Super Gold Cacao Pack, Meme value $22.

This mask is amazing! It is infused with a blend of cacao and gold powder to smooth and firm the skin. Once again, the scent is delicious and my skin felt so soft and smooth after I used it!


Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask, Meme value $2.

A chocolate sheet mask, yes please! I am saving this for the next time I use a really sweet bath bomb.


dearberry Miss Mina Lisa Eyebrow in Choco Brownie, Meme value $2.

This is an eyebrow filler with a nifty built in brush. Definitely a product I am in need of currently. I do wish that there had been a chocolate lip balm though instead. This kind of missed the theme for me because I was hoping for everything to have a chocolate scent.

Despite my minor quibble with the eyebrow pencil, I thought Chocolate Mania was a phenomenal box. It exceeded my expectations and had a great amount of product in it. The overall Meme value is $90. It isn’t the most impressive value I have seen, but the curation was pretty much spot on, so you won’t hear any complaints from me!

Did you get Chocolate Mania? What are your thoughts?