Mega Zoya Review!

I have been wanting to try Zoyapolishes for a long time now. A few recent promotions of theirs caught my eye recently and all of a sudden I went from no Zoya polishes to quite a few!

I know a lot of polish bloggers post swatches of all their polish colors when doing a review. I have swatches of a lot of the different colors I bought but I was more concerned with keeping the polishes on to see how they wore. I tried to make sure I tried a few of each type.


Zoya Creams. From left to right Yuna, Marnie, Nyssa, Ryan, Margo, Genevieve, Odette.

I didn’t get a chance to try more than two of these because of how long the wear! In short, I am very impressed!


Zoya Nyssa was actually the color that convinced me to make my first purchase. I had been wanting to purchase a rich brown shade for the fall and I hadn’t seen anything that was close to what I was looking for. When I looked through all of the Zoya collections, I was struck by how many different options they had. It was very difficult to choose but I went with Nyssa and I am glad I did!

This is a medium chocolate hue. My swatch from above was two coats plus an Essie top coat. This manicure lasted 4.5 days. I am super impressed by that, as it almost made it five days before getting even the slightest chip.



I also had the chance to try Margo. I was instantly drawn to this color. It is the perfect deep pink that borders on purple. It feels like a very sophisticated color. I was a bit disappointed with how dark the color looked in normal light, because it masked the uniqueness of this color. I used two coats plus an Essie top coat and I have had it on four days at this point without a single chip.

I love how shiny the Zoya creams are and I can’t wait to try my other colors.


I am not the biggest fan of textures polishes, but for the purpose of this review I wanted to try a variety of the polishes Zoya offers, so I bought their Pixie Dust in London to try out.



I prefer the feeling of a smooth polish. Textured polishes tend to give me the willies. On the plus side, they are very forgiving. I am usually in a huge hurry when I paint my nails because of my two young kids. Manicures must be scheduled very strategically. So the convenience factor of the Pixie Dust won me over. This manicure lasted three days. Once the chipping began, it went very quickly.


Next is the Zoya Matte Velvet collection. I bought four of the six polishes in the collection (l-r Posh, Harlow, Veruschka, Loredana). I have tried three of the four, with two of my sisters having had the chance to try the fourth. I was struck by how quickly these are with dry time. My nails dried almost immediately.

My biggest concern with matte polishes is chipping time, since I prefer to do no top coat (I don’t currently own a top coat). The only matte polish I have used was an OPI one years ago and it chipped within hours of application, so I was afraid I would have the same issue.



Posh was the first color I tried and I am emanated with it. Like Margo, it is a very sophisticated color and made me feel very glamorous. It lasted an impressive four days before the chipping began. I could see this one being a popular choice for me during this holiday season!



Veruschka was the color I looked forward to the most. It is such a funky color and very unusual for a polish. Unfortunately, it was only 48 hours before it began to chip. Due to that, I probably won’t wear it as much but I still love the color!



Loredana is probably my least favorite color of the whole collection but once I tried the first two, I knew I needed the whole collection. This is a silvery gray that lasted three days, which I was happy with.


Lastly, Harlow. My sister E wore this over Thanksgiving and was kind enough to let me get a picture. We were disappointed when one of her fingers chipped within hours of application. It only got worse from there on out. She would fix one nail only to have another one start chipping twenty minutes later. She finally admitted defeat and removed the polish after 24 hours. I hoped it was just a personal problem but my sister A had the same problem the next day. I will give Harlow a try myself but if I have the same results that one will not be part of my rotation!

There you have it! I am officially a Zoya fan. I can’t wait to try the rest of my collection and add to it.

Do you have any Zoya polishes? Which colors are your must haves?

Edited to add: Zoya has announced they will be doing a Cyber Monday event tomorrow so keep a lookout for some good deals!